RaspberryPi Pico Pinout PCB Coaster

RaspberryPi Pico Pinout PCB Coaster


Raspberry Pi Pico Coaster electronic PCB Board Collage

£8 or $9.72 before shipping
96.5mm x 96.5mm

We're thrilled to introduce our Raspberry Pi Pico Pinout Coasters – the perfect blend of tech and practicality. Not only do these coasters protect your surfaces from drink rings, but they also feature the pinout of a Raspberry Pi Pico, printed on a real circuit board. A handy reference right at your fingertips - No more digging through documentation or searching online for pinout information.

What sets these coasters apart is that each purchase fuels our passion project. The funds will be invested in new equipment for our YouTube channel and website, helping us bring more awesome content your way. We package each set with care and send them out from our bedroom workshop, adding a personal touch to your order.

Don't miss out! Click here to grab your set today.

Thanks for all your support.

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raspberry pi pico pinout coaster electronic pcb on glass table

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